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Investing in Deep-Tech and Climate-Tech solutions

We specialize in leveraging venture capital to drive industries forward with greater intelligence, productivity and environmental responsibility.

Game-changing solutions derived from cross-functional approach

Our investment team knows the deep-tech, energy and space industries inside and out. From AI to quantum technologies, materials to hard-tech, we back visionary British startups with global aspirations. 

Hardware and software

Backing ambitious entrepreneurial teams focusing on hardware and software energy innovations.


We focus on improving energy efficiency through novel materials, hard-tech, autonomation and digitization. We look for energy innovations developed for Earth and for space to gain a competitive edge. 

Net zero

We invest in next-generation deep energy tech companies that help accelerate global efforts to achieve net zero on Earth by 2050. We look beyond Earth and use technologies developed for space for the benefit of human kind.

Focused on Impact

We are focused on addressing the opportunities and risk of the climate change challenge.

Image by Alessandro Bianchi

We are Seed focused VC

StarBeam Capital is backing ambitious entrepreneurial teams focusing on predominantly hardware innovations in the energy sector. 

We are not only investors and entrepreneurs but also engineers and scientists who invest in what we know and are experts in - Deep Tech. From AI to quantum technologies, novel materials, autonomous solutions to power conversion and storage, we back extraordinary founders and visionary startups with global aspirations.


We invest across the UK and would typically pursue Seed rounds and follow-on in Series A rounds. Typical investment tickets range from GBP 100k - 3m initially together with a stringent reserve planning to commit up to GBP 10m to portfolio companies over the necessary follow-on financing rounds.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We invest in UK's best and brightest early-stage tech startups. From Seed funding to Series A, we want to support you on your journey.

If your innovative solution is in the Energy sector and is one of the deep energy tech enabling technologies:

  • Clean energy generation and storage

  • Hard-tech 

  • Advanced materials and fuels

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) 

  • Data and computing 

  • Autonomy

  • Quantum-enabled technologies

Then let’s get started today!

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